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By August 30, 2013agustav, this&that

One of the biggest reasons for our relocation is to be able to focus on our company. In 2012 we came forward with our first production for the public, the coat rack, quickly followed by the book rack. Then in the beginning of 2013 we introduced the nightstand.

To stay focused on our intention for this relocation of ours we have decided to go ahead an set ourselves a goal. This goal is to produce 12 items over the next 12 months. This will be our manifesto. We won’t be intoducing them one per month as some might take longer to design or produce than others but the intention is to have 12 new products once the year has passed. All reveals of new products will happen through this blog and our facebook site (make sure to like us there if you don’t already: agustavFurnitureAndDesign).

When we’re settled in our house in Italy and have our workshop properly set up and running we’ll start the count down. The first product will be revealed and when it comes to it we will be counting on your feedback!

1-coatOak1-Walnut 5-nightOak Stay tuned over the next months for new exciting product releases!

Agusta & Gustav – agustav

– we would love to hear from you if you have anything to say so feel free to comment or write us a message!

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