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Why so silent?

By January 23, 2014this&that

We haven’t made a sound since last year. But we’re still here…

Why so silent? 2013 went out with a loud crackling noise for us. Our loved iMac, work buddy and trusted friend gave up. When we showed up for work one morning all we got was a grey screen. After a few days of google-ing, trial and error-ing and breathing into bags we constituted the hard drive as dead, meaning that we had lost all personal digital life the past 5 years + loads and loads of work (make back-ups people, do!). At this point we only had one more play and with heavy hearts (and pretty much sure that we had googled it all) we turned to the wizard, the Apple Agent.

The Apple Agent held our hand through taking our trusted friend and work buddy apart. We opened the screen, held by a bunch of magnets (pretty neat), gently removed the LCD monitor to stare straight into the stomach this friend of ours. Or former friend, perhaps.
Our fingers felt gigantic as we tried to unscrew the tiny screws and wires to detach and remove the hard disk without touching any of the other parts in the stomach. The hard disk got a ride to Copenhagen to the Apple Agent and after hours of working some incredible magic, he retrieved all our lost data.

Not only did he get us all our data back but he coached us through installing a new hard disk to replace the burnt out one + get a new operating system on the iMac without having the disks (yup lost the disks AND didn’t have back ups…bad computer manners, we know).

We owe our current digital happiness to the Apple Agent and would like to express our biggest *THANKS* for getting us back on track! If you ever find yourself in apple trouble or as we were, on the verge of a nervous breakdown, don’t panic just yet but make sure to call the Apple Agent first!

So that’s why we have been absent for quite a while. However, the iMac wasn’t the only crackling noise we heard in the end of 2013 as one of our phones gave up, our camera crashed and then towards the very end of the year we broke at least one glassware every single day! It was strange and someone/thing may have been trying to tell us something but we’re still here and we’re going to try to beat it. For a little longer at the very least.

May 2014 be better.


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