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By April 18, 2014foreigners, this&that

Hello (…do you hear the echo?). Is there anybody still out there?

We’re still here. Or here again perhaps, after another silence. This time our silence can’t be blamed on a technical failure. It was the excruciating cold, the meter high snow (over and over again) and the darkness that got us. This time it was winter. We’ve been hibernating.


One would think that being Icelanders we’d be used to snow, cold and darkness. Or at least that’s what we thought when we arrived mid-summer to rent the house we now live in. We pretty much laughed at the thought of snow and having to shovel our way out of the driveway (as if we weren’t used to that). And truth be told the cold and the snow outside wasn’t what got us in the end. What grounded us and silenced was the cold inside the houses. It was the falling asleep cold and waking up even colder, it was wearing out 6 pair of woollen socks (each) and trembling after every shower that got the better of our writing skills. It was thinking that it would never be over (even though it only lasted about 2 months).



Thankfully; one day completely unexpectedly, the sun came out again and melted the snow away. It slowly thawed our icy veins and helped us regain consciousness.


So here we are again, slowly coming back from hibernation, ready to share whatever goes on in our little society in the mountains. A lot happened during our hibernation. New ideas, new decisions, new beginnings. This is where our new year starts.

In our latest news, we’ve decided to finally go ahead and put our Chestnut book racks up for grabs. They’re gorgeous! And if you want one you can write us at weare@agustav.com or get one here. We’ll be putting them up on our products site as soon as we get a minute, but if you want one don’t think about it for too long. We only have a few available.


Oh and if you’re still here. Thanks for sticking around!