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On the road again. take me home

By August 19, 2014agustav, foreigners, this&that

Things have a way of changing for us and they change fast. We’re impulsive people. We’re both rather scatterbrained by nature so leading rootless lives is something that comes naturally to us. Oddly enough it’s what keeps us going and what makes things plausible for us; not being afraid of what’s to come.

This time yet another decision was made on the agustav front that made us pick up our bags and get going once again.

Italy has taught us many things, it has given us numerous adventures and it has helped us grow. We have learned how to tackle the weirdest and most dire of situations with ease. It has made us enjoy the quiet of the countryside while missing the buzz of the city, but most of all it has made us miss our friends. During our time here we have grown as individuals and as a family. The part about us growing as a family was one of the turning points in this recent ‘move enforcing’ decision of ours as we’re currently growing another agustav family member, due late september ***


At this current moment, we’ve already been away from our tiny little village in the mountains of Piemonte for a couple of months.

This time, we headed back home. We’re in Iceland.


We rushed back home sooner than we had anticipated.
While we are joyously awaiting our family to grow, nature decided that it was time for one of our dearest and most loyal friends to leave us. A friend we had been waiting to visit us in Pareto for some time. Upon receiving the news that he would not be able to join us in the countryside, we packed our bags and left without looking back. We’re thankful for the time, although short, that we had together with him these last couple of months. We’re thankful for having been able to say our goodbyes. But most of all we’re thankful for having had the privilege of having such a dear friend. He was there from the very beginning of our existence together as a couple; he was there when we said our I do’s; he was there when we needed help in the workshop; he was just sort of always there or on his way. A true friend of his friends. We said our final goodbyes today in a beautiful ceremony in Reykjavík. Filled with his family and friends the day was packed with memories. The whole things seems a bit surreal and I think that somewhere inside we will always be expecting him to show up at our doorstep.

With his memory vividly by our side, we will continue down the road here in Iceland. Brynni you will be incredibly missed.


We will be posting ever so rarely (like before) from this new location. There are so many things we have experienced already (virtually as foreigners) in this c/old country of ours and there are even more to come.

We’ll be sharing the opening of our mini workshop in Reykjavík which we will announce in a few days and we’re bursting with ideas of other things we’d like to share. But for now, we’ll just have to see how it goes with keeping our heads above water, getting orders done, opening up the workshop + carrying and welcoming a new person to the world!

Thanks for sticking around.

agustav ***