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By October 21, 2014agustav, this&that

Once the decision was made to move back home to Iceland after many many years abroad we were relieved. In the light of current events and our nearest future staying close to family and friends was the way to go for us.

Then the memories started creeping in. The memories of Iceland as we know it. Granted we’ve been away for a while but we did, after all, grow up in this country and these are the memories that made us second guess our decision being the right one (besides being about to move back to a country on economically and governmentally fiercely shaky grounds).

In Iceland:

1. it can take a couple of minutes to catch your breath when you step outside, as the wind will literally snatch your breath away. You’ll suffer several mini suffocations on super windy days.
2. you risk getting completely soaked on your way to the coffeeshop, even though the sun was shining once you were headed out the door. The weather can change in a matter of minutes with absolutely no warning.
3. it rains/hails horizontally.
4. there is 24 hour darkness for many many months during the winter.
5. it’s cold out from circa October through May…
6. the weather has a huge impact on your mood whether you like it or not. Low-pressure weather can literally feel like being on a plane, stuck in constant take off. It feels like being pushed down, for an entire day and you’ll have to battle every fibre in your body just to keep awake.
7. we have active, erupting volcanos...

Luckily this country we call home has numerous things that weigh up against the craziness.

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1. Family and friends. If there is anything Italy has taught us it is that family and friends should stick together. Be it blood bonds that tie people together or family made of friends.
2. In the summertime there is 24 hour sunlight (to weigh up agains the 24 hour darkness in the wintertime). Many might find this a drag but having grown up with it, it’s something we love.
3. Endless, and we mean ENDLESS hot water. You never have to worry about running out of hot water in the shower AND you never have to worry about the heating bill cause it’s virtually free compared to other countries. This is something that we have missed incredibly through the years, not only in Italy but also when we lived in Denmark.
4. Heated swimming pools, all year round + naturally hot springs. Very very big plus.
5. Incredibly beautiful nature, that you can reach within minutes, just outside of the capital.
6. The craziest most beautiful cloud formations (something you don’t realise until you’ve lived abroad for a few years).
7. Network. If you need something (almost no matter how odd your request may be) you only have to put the word out and usually you’ll have a contact for someone who knows someone who knows how to help within moments. In other words things get done and they get done fast.
8. Spectacular lighting, like nowhere else. It’s white and bright and somehow clearer than anywhere else we have experienced.
9. Fresh, clear, delicious water straight from the tap.
10. Volcanos…

Time will tell what we’ve forgotten and what has changed since we lived here the last time. We’re happy to be back for now, even though it’s already getting cold and the winter has started creeping in. We will just have to try to remember to light candles and take long baths once the 24 hrs of darkness kicks in…


Instagram: @agustavagustav