Lounge chair


AGUSTAV lounge chair

The lounge chair comes in fumed walnut and with a soft woollen upholstery. The idea behind this series of furniture was to create beautiful, modern furniture that could be placed anywhere in a space and would be both appealing and interesting, no matter how they caught the eye.
We weigh design and good craftsmanship equally and find it important that all parts of the furniture are complete, well thought out and visible.

The wood is polished with oil and wax that make it incredibly soft on the fingers.

The woollen upholstery comes in different colour variations.


Lounge chair


Made to order
The lounge chair is handmade to order at AGUSTAV’s workshop in Reykjavík, Iceland. We’ll contact you within 48 hours of purchase to discuss your chair.


Once we’re clear on your wishes regarding your chair and its delivery, we will start production. Production time can be expected to be around 3 weeks.

AGUSTAV living room
Coat rack

Our coat rack is perfect in the bedroom.

Do you ever have problems with all those not-clean-yet-not-dirty clothes? Those that have a tendancy to wind up on the floor….?
Try this coat rack, it might just be the key.

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